Jane Pointon

I am a qualified Systemic Psychotherapist, registered with UK Council of Psychotherapy (UKCP*), Association of Family Therapy (AFT), and the States of Jersey. I have an MSc in Family Therapy from Southampton University. I am a wife, Mother, and Step-Mother, I have worked in Jersey and abroad including five years with the British Forces in Germany and Hong Kong.

I welcome diversity in my practice, working with the LGBTQ community. 


I specialise in relationships, including those within families, between siblings, friendships and work colleagues that cause unhappiness, anxiety or depression. I am also happy to see people with health concerns or disabilities. I have a background in Nursing and Health Visiting and was an approved trainer with the Alzheimer's Society. I am aware of the challenges within a relationship caused by the introduction of children and/or step-children and times of transition.

To remain registered as a psychotherapist I must undertake continual professional development and supervision both of which I am scrupulous in keeping up to date with.

I am aware of the healing effect of nature on the spirit and I am able to offer sessions, in good weather, outside in a peaceful meadow. Joined if you wish by my dog and cat.

Most of my therapy is face to face but I am able to offer online therapy if being in your own space helps you to feel more confident

As a Family Therapist/psychotherapist I am able to see individuals or families or whoever the client feels is of importance to them.

Sessions last for approximately one hour and there is no upper limit to the number of sessions although the average is between 4 and 6.

I see clients on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday's either at my Sion address or online via Video Conferencing.

The first session is an assessment where we decide together if this is a useful way of working for you and if not I may be able to suggest a more suitable route to follow.

I am on the Board of Directors of Kairos Arts www.kairosarts.org

I have been a founder member of Jersey Association​ of Family Therapy (JAFT)

*UKCP is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care. Professional Standards, ethical requirements and complaints procedure can be found on the UKCP website www.pscyhotherapy.org.uk. Jane is also a member of the Association of Family Therapy

MSc Family Therapy, RGN, CM, HV, PGCE, Alzheimer's Society Approved Trainer, 

How it works
I am an experienced, Accredited Practitioner, and a member of two professional organisations that work to a strict code of ethics. The work we do together will be about facilitating you to find the right solutions for yourself rather than me telling you what to do. In this way you become empowered to make the decisions which feel right for you.

Confidentiality is maintained in all but the most exceptional of circumstances and is an essential part of the therapeutic process. Before your first consultation begins you will be asked to sign a 'Statement of Agreement' concerning the terms of confidentiality. No information either verbal or written will be disclosed to a third party without your written consent.

Confidentiality Clauses
The only circumstance under which your confidentiality may be breached is when there is an immediate perceived risk of harm to yourself or anyone else. All psychotherapists are required to have a supervisor who monitors the quality of their work. The process of supervision is conducted in a way that ensures client anonymity and thus their confidentiality.

Duration of sessions and charges
Sessions last up to one hour for which there is a standard charge of £75. This needs to be paid on the day of your consultation, by either direct bank transfer, cheque or cash. If you are medically insured, I still take payments in the usual way but give you receipts to claim back expenses through your insurers.

Some but by no means exhaustive areas I may be able to help you with.



ante/postnatal concerns

Loss in whatever form


Coping with childhood traumas

Coping with the aftermath of domestic abuse or ongoing domestic abuse

Issues around sexuality

Work-related issues, stress bullying, work-life balance

Couples counselling

Family issues

Times of transition, adolescents, blended families, menopause, retirement.

Coping with illness or injury

Relationship issues

Issues of identity

How to respond more appropriately when angry

The search for meaning in life


I saw Jane after a traumatic loss in my life . I found our sessions calming as it help me to think differently about my situation. Speaking with someone insightful, experienced and compassionate aids the healing process which can be difficult to manage alone.


I went to see Jane regarding how to deal with my X mother in law and X husband regarding my daughter as I wanted to make sure I was not passing my feelings onto my daughter. Jane immediately made me feel safe,secure and listened to. She has never told me to do anything as that is not what therapy is about but I felt and still feel when I see her that my emotions are neither good or bad but they are validated, which is the most important thing that has truly helped me over the last 9 years as well as trusting her 100 percent has meant that I have been able to work through many issues and continue to do so when necessary.


Jane is a very approachable and supportive supervisor; someone you can easily open up. Her experience and knowledge of family work from a systemic point of view is very useful and I valued our discussions and shared learnings which helped me grow as a counsellor."


I have seen Jane both for personal therapy, and later when I was BACP qualified as my professional supervisor. I feel we have formed a good working relationship in which I have developed a natural trust with Jane, allowing me to explore all matters that concern, or confuse me. She in turn provides a calmness backed up with a wide knowledge, to bring out the most in our sessions